Lucy could take me at 10:30, but some of the time I’d have to wait between other appointments. That’s fine, I said, smiling. I hung up. In less than 20 minutes I had put on makeup, made up the bed, grabbed a book upstairs and left the house. At the hair salon by 10:30 on the dot. Lucy was standing near the door showing her boss some pictures and looked up and smiled. There’s “Miss Dianne”!! We hugged. Such a cutie! I only had to ask her how her classes were going and then sat back and listened. What a smarty-pants! She had made a 100 on her final in anatomy! We laughed and talked all the time while she was “covering the gray.”

Her next appointment arrived. While I sat in the chair baking, so to speak, she moved to the next station and worked on the  high school young lady, highlighting her long hair. After about 20 minutes or so, Lucy asked an employee if she would shampoo and condition my hair. Of course! Come with me, she said.

Dressed in knee length brown boots over skinny jeans, this little lady led me to the back where she pointed to the first chair and asked me to take the seat. She was a short slender young lady with an uneven cut – long on one side of her face and short above the ears on the other. Highlighted blonde in front and the sides to a light brown in the back. So trendy. On her.

As I got as comfortable as one can get while leaning your head back against a porcelain sink, I introduced myself and learned her name was Amy. Greetings, Amy. Thank you for taking me. Oh! No problem! I’m an apprentice right now. In other words, I thought, right now you do as you’re told.

After a short silence, I asked her if she lived around here – one of my general “getting to know you without asking anything too personal” question. “I live outside of Tomball.”  It was that leading question that got Amy to tell me what would become “the good story.”

“You see, right now, my husband and 2 children and I are living in a garage apartment at my grandparents and it’s going well. I was living downtown and driving back up here to Tomball College. But we separated for awhile but we’re back together.”  “Oh, Amy!” I exclaimed, “I’m so encouraged by your story. That you and your husband reconciled and are back together! That’s such good news! Lately, I’ve been grieving over so many friends’ marriages falling apart and it’s so hard.” She told me that she had had a child by her high school sweetheart, they married and moved to the downtown area and she wanted to go to school in Tomball. But, she said, I went from living at home with my parents to living with my husband and I was quite clingy. We separated and I realized that I could make it on my own. I also learned that I needed to change some things about me before we could get back together.”

I told her that my husband had some issues with me and I decided that my marriage was more important than trying to fight his issues and I made some changes and am better for it. Much better.

In the fall I had been made aware of several friends whose marriages were struggling and indeed had died. What’s going on with Christians and their marriages? What’s happening to couples who’ve been married for over 30 years and are now divorced? What happened to the commitment? To the vow? I’ve prayed and cried out to God to restore these couples back together. To forgive. To date again. To love again. I know there are some restored relationships that happened after heartache, work, forgiveness, time. I am praying my friends’ marriages are restorable. But it will take a work of the Lord in both people; a restorative work.

When I heard that this nearly 30 year old who had lived some years beyond her time share that though she and her husband were young when they married, with a child; though they had some issues to work out and separated over it, still. They saw the love they had for one another, the vow they had made. The child they had made together and they forgave. Why is that so hard for others?

I left her a tip for washing and conditioning my hair. I thanked her for sharing some good news. Some encouraging news. There are some marriages that are working at it. Giving. Forgiving. Thriving.tatooed married hands

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