Come ye, who are bruised and wounded, or even bandaged and in need of encouragement and together we’ll bind one another up in order to offer others some hope and grace in their world.

Something to chew on:

She has done what she could…..” Jesus said. The woman just walked into the home of Simon the leper (he had been healed but was still labeled as such) and before anyone else could object, she knelt before Jesus and opened this alabaster vial of costly perfume and pored it on the feet of Jesus! Now. Lest we wonder what in the world she was doing with the perfume in the first place and what business she had doing such a thing on the dirty feet of a man, just look first at his response. Jesus did not rebuke her. Rather, he viewed what she did as a prophecy of what was to come in the not too distant future to him. He was going to be killed and the custom of the day was that before a body was to be entombed it would be anointed with oils and wrapped in clean cloths.
Of course, she had no way of knowing that. The woman’s act was her way of worshiping Jesus. Why? It’s not mentioned in Scripture but it seems that she had been around Him and seen His love for others, witnessed His miracles and heard His mysterious yet profound teaching of hope and love. His teaching was so contrary to the teachings of the leaders of her church that she was compelled to do something to show her love for him. Even if it meant receiving ridicule or scorn.

So, in the doorway she purposefully walked. Right into a room full of common men and right to where Jesus was reclining. Amid the scorn, she went right to the reason she was there. She opened the vial and pored it tenderly over the head of the one she had come to love. “This perfume could have been sold and the money given to feed the poor,” one disciple said. “Let her alone,” Jesus said to them,”Why do you bother her? She has done a good deed to Me. For the poor you have with you always, and whenever you wish, you can do good to them.” Now listen to this, “She has done what she could.”

In our world, all around us, we are bombarded with so many needs. We see homeless on the street corners with their cardboard signs and windblown faces. We hear of orphans needing a home in the ads on TV. We hear of school children going to bed hungry many nights, especially on weekends when they have no school lunch. We know about the lonely widows sitting around in the nursing home waiting to die. We are overwhelmed. Jesus said to the disciples about this woman, she did what she could do. I do know that is all He asks of any of us. To be available to do what we can do with what we have at that moment. Encouraging you to open your eyes and heart to see what Jesus would have you see and with your heart do what you can do. You’ll be blessed as the one you see is also blessed. Go out with Joy and be led forth in His peace.
claypot earthen vessel   The reason I found what Jesus said liberating came in the form of a handout in our Sunday bulletin. In the past at this time of year, I would have taken this handout and pored over it and tried to DO as many things as possible on that list before Christmas day and in my heart I would have thought I was doing the right thing. In my body I would have been stressed and most likely irritable at those I love most and what good would all my “good things” have done?

But this year is now different because I know I can only do what I can do and that whatever it is it must be to honor my Lord and Savior and no one else.

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