Blinking yellow light

Illuminating a small space,

They reflect out into the darkness.

Still light

Sudden light

Flashes unexpectedly

Moving from near to far.

Drawn to the light,

I stare out into the horizon

To catch the next flash of light.

I stare at the bright moonlight

Before it’s hidden in the clouds.

I even stare at the blinking yellow light

 Until I can’t take it anymore.

I’m drawn to the light,

Even the small bright lights in the dark heavens.

I stare. I gaze. I wonder at how they all seem so close.

The light makes me feel safe, as if He watches me.

The lights fill me with joy;

With contentment, knowing that all the lights,

The blinking, the constant, the moving, the flashes,

All are reminders of His watch care over me.

And all I can do is be grateful.

Published by

come as a child

A follower of Jesus, Dianne Lami is a lover of folks of every background, shape, age, color, design. She is contentedly married to her Beloved of thirty-one years now enjoying retirement and living in Houston and Galveston. They have two grown sons who each reside in Houston. In this blog, she hopes to to encourage others in their walk with Jesus through her personal journey, along with some poems, prayers and promises from scripture. She wouldn't mind any comments or encouragement you feel free to share.

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