woman running on the beach

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.” Matthew 18:20

While laying there in the foot reflexology, my feet receiving the much needed massage, piping through the speakers I recognized the theme from the movie “Chariots of Fire.” My mind heard Olympic runner, Eric Liddel say, “When I run, I feel His presence.” The quote wouldn’t leave me. When do I feel His presence, I wondered.

Some suppose I “feel His presence” while walking the beach near our home.They would assume, after all, you’re there every weekend! Truth be told, I do feel Him with me, so leaning in I hear His word. And I respond.

women in Bible StudyBut every Wednesday evening from six to eight o’clock I know He is in the midst of our women as we fellowship and hear teaching from God’s Word. We listen, we share, we pray, we ponder and question together. We mentor moms leave, hearts overflowing with gratitude, confident we experienced His presence in our young moms’ faces, in their questions, their laughter, in their total countenance. He was in that vast room filled with round tables and chairs comforting, hugging, hearing, and seeing each one of their souls. If they sauntered in the room, heavy with weariness or sadness, they left with a lilt in their step. Sometimes, they didn’t want to leave. Neither did we. But we were bone tired. Poured out as a drink offering, my sweet friend would remind me.

What drives me to fellowship with these single moms each week? I could be home watching Netflix! I was one of these women in the sense of broken dreams and heartache three decades ago. My husband left me for his career in another state. Determined not to let him drive me to despair, I headed straight into the church office of a pastor I enjoyed on the radio and inquired about their single’s program. God lost no time in providing a job, a healthy single’s group, and best of all, Doris.women in Bible Study two

Doris, in her quirky, self deprecating way, lived a wonderful Christ-centered life that was fun!!! And with her loving me out of despair into wonder, I did feel His presence! Thank you, Doris!

You will read more of Doris in coming blogs. Today just know it’s time to feel His presence …….at the beach!

Father, as I lean in to you, may you speak to my heart what You know best I need to hear. Thank you! In Your name, Jesus. Amen.




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